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            Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take basic science courses even if it is not the field of their study.

            (重復2015年1月10日練習題 )


            Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is beneficial to stop reading and listening to the news for a few days or weeks.

            (重復2019年10月12日上午場練習題 )


            1. Which area the government should fund to improve children’s education?

            a. hiring more teachers to teach in a small class

            b. preschool education before kindergarten

            c. providing some training courses so that teachers can be more professional

            2. If you are going to graduate from the university and have to choose the final course, which professor will you choose?The one you used to sign up for courses or the one you have never learned from before?

            3. Which of the following three affects productivity the most?

            a. the working environment, like noises and distractions

            b. rewards

            c. personal interest

            4. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Physical exercise is important to older people than to younger people.

            5. People in daily lives would frequently do the jobs that need creativity, such as the job you have never done before. Under this circumstance, do you prefer to work alone or work with others?

            6. Some people prefer to play sports within a group, while others prefer to do exercise alone. Which one do you prefer and why.

            7. When you decide to find a place to travel and want to compare two places, which way do you think help you make a better decision?

            a. read information online

            b. discussing with a friend who has been to those places

            8. In order to get a higher promotion and salary, many people chose to improve their job performance in two ways. Which one do you prefer? Why?

            a. To do additional work and assignments

            b. To actively participate in the group work

            9. People are busy in work or school. They want to spend time on learning new things. Which one will you choose to learn?

            a. Learn a sport that you have never played before.

            b. Learn to cook food that you haven’t prepared before.

            c. Learn to make something by hand, such as clothing or jewelry.

            10. In order to be successful, people have two choices

            a. To take risks

            b. To keep cautious and careful

            Which one do you think is the better way to succeed? Give reason to explain your choice.

            11. Which is better for children's education: 9-months study and 3-month break or 3-month study and 1-month break?

            12. Students use other thing when they are studying, like using their phone, listening to music, surfing the Internet. Do you agree or disagree that doing other things when studying has bad effects on learning?

            13. Do you agree or disagree with the statement:

            These days, children spend more time on doing homework or participating in organized activities related to school or sports. However, they should be given more time to do whatever they want.

            14. Some people believe going on field trips is better for children’s education (eg. go to museum), while others think it is better for children to study in the classroom at school. Which one do you prefer and explain why.

            15. "Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

            All university students should be required to take basic science courses even if it is not the field of their study.”

            16. As a student of university that has a long break between university semesters, the university requires all students to do one of the following for one month during the break:

            a. students must take a course on the subject that has no direct connection to their majors of study.

            b. students must volunteer to work in the city where the university is located or their hometowns to improve some aspects of life of the city or their own town.

            which one do you think is more beneficial for students in their university. Why?

            17. What is the most important factor for students to succeed at university or college?

            a. university tutors' individual instructions to help solve students' problems;

            b. encouragement from family and friends;

            c. high-quality education and excellent teachers in the high school

            18. If one of your friends has the opportunity to study in either one of two majors, which one of the following majors you will recommend:

            a. A major that would allow your friend to complete studies and get a degree faster (so that he or she can get a full time job sooner)

            b. A major that would require longer time to study, but can make it more likely to get better employment opportunities and job offers in the future.

            Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

            19. A lot of high school students now cheat in homework assignments, by asking other students for answers. Which of the following do you think is the most efficient way to stop?

            a. asking parents to help stop the students from cheating

            b. penalty or punishment to the students

            c. asking teacher to create homework assignment that cannot be easily cheated

            20. In order to adapt to the life in university and succeed, if you are a freshman, which method do you think is better:

            a. attending a one-week orientation or introduction program when you are in the university campus and before classes begin.

            b. meeting regularly in your first year with students in your major field who have entered the university for several years.




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